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We select a particular coin for each year. Coins tell us much about history, and indeed provide a historical record. Certain coins are strongly associated with a particular date, even though there may be other dates of the same coin. Mention 1780 to most coin dealers, and they will instantly call the silver Maria Theresa thaler to mind, simply because it has been restruck (re-issued) with the same "frozen" date as a commemorative coin ever since her death.

Featuring a particular coin for each year.


  • 1642
  • 1656
  • 1780
  • Austria
  • Zambia
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Some coins have a strong association with a particular date. We showcase a coin for each year which possesses some strong association with that date. This can be for a variety of reasons. In some years, the coin of the year is an obvious choice, in other years we have selected one from a number of candidates. The cartwheel penny or twopence produced by Matthew Boulton and James Watt compete with each other for the honour of representing 1797. The twopence wins our vote because it is the larger of the two, being twice the weight of the penny, and it was only issued for the one year, whereas large copper pennies, albeit slightly lighter, were made until 1860. We chose the krugerrand to represent 1967, because it was the first year of issue, and krugerrands went on to sell by the millions in subsequent years.

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